Save the Date: August 13, 2019. Ron Martoia is Back in the Northeast District!!! How would you like to develop a clear understanding of how discipleship in the Google world is totally different than the Gutenberg world? How does a life actually change? We all are exhausted with the "preach to them and hope they change” model. All the research makes clear that DOES NOT WORK or BRING RESULTS. So what does? That is the focus of this seminar! Can you articulate with clarity how change happens in people? Can you show with clarity and inspiration the steps to transformation? Which raises an interesting question; what IS transformation? Few of us have reflected on this sufficiently, built a model of how lives change and then developed a buffet of patterns, practices, rhythms, and rituals that would actually foster that transformation. This four hours can’t be totally exhaustive. But if you want the jump start on the 21st century model of discipleship, which is actually the Jesus way revisited, then this is a can’t miss opportunity! Please join us on August 13, 2019 Design Lab 9:00 am - 1:00 pm 100.00 Per Church - Bring as many people as you would like! Hope to see you! Ron Martoia
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Why Neo-Calvinism will kill the Church

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