Save the Date: November 7th Ron Martoia is Back in the Northeast District!!! Even if you weren’t around for part 1 (we will do a 10-minute recap) this will be an opportunity to look at the 6 "must engage areas" if you are to fully form a life. We will also look at stages of development and dig deeply into the first and second half of life dynamics and how spiritual formation in the 2nd half holds promise for engaging those who are potential “DONES” and are looking for “something more.” We will also dive into concrete patterns and practices that actually bring specific results we are looking for information. Rich, practical, concrete and unique. This is a session you don’t want to miss! If you have not reserved your church's spot please call Karen in the NE District Office. Please join us on November 7th, 2019! Design Lab 9:00 am - 1:00 pm 99.00 Per Church - Bring as many people as you would like! Hope to see you! Ron Martoia
Our new Northeast District App is available for both iOS and Android Phones. The links are below. Android: Apple:
The Northeast District Office is Located in the Lincoln Mill Office Building - 2nd floor - Suite 201
Design Lab has meeting rooms available, book your dates today!!

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